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Brought to you by *******www.MyBinding****, this video is part of a series on the Powis Parker Fastback 9. ...
Brought to you by *******www.MyBinding****, this video is part of a series on the Powis Parker Fastback 9. The Fastback 9 is an excellent thermal binding system that leaves your documents looking crisp and professional. For more details and product specifications, please visit: *******www.mybinding****/.sc/ms/dd/ee/26663/Fastback-Model-9-Binding-Machine Take a look and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call toll-free at 1-800-944-4573. We have a huge selection of binding machines, supplies, and more from Fastback. You can also find us online on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog. Twitter - *******twitter****/mybinding Facebook - *******www.facebook****/MyBinding Blog - *******www.mybindingblog**** Here is the audio transcript for this video: This is Fastback 9 helps by MyBinding****. Since bookbinding is basically just wrapping the inside with a nice-looking outside, you need covers and binding tape. With different materials, the Fastback 9 will produce many different looks for different kinds of books. Since the look you need depends on the project you're working on, this video is designed to help you understand the LX strip and covers that we can make available to you. Let's start by looking at LX strips. Narrow ones can bind a book of up to 125 sheets and medium up to 250 sheets. They have a nice cloth texture to them and come in plenty of colors. The LX strip is designed specifically for the Fastback 9. Regardless of size, they're all the same with grooves on the bottom side and one extra-large crease that you use to fold down before placing into the machine. You can do this flat on a table or simply snap it together and pull to the ends. The composite, or comp strip, differs in that it has a very leather-like sheen and shiny feel. But it functions and folds in the same exact way. And finally, there's the image strip. Being able to put any picture or logo on a strip can be very advantageous. The strips are extra wide for looks but have a binding capacity of 100 sheets. Binding with image strips is slightly different but the pinch and the pull is the same. Binder covers are very important for the look of your project and these match LX strips both in color and texture. And for the LX comp or composite strips, there are comp covers and they match perfectly. Often time a clear cover is exactly what you need. For these, heat-resistant covers are perfect to work with the Fastback 9 thermal binding system. In conjunction with a hardcover guide, the Fastback 9 can make custom, hard bound books. These can be photo books, journals, yearbooks, year-end reports, anything that you need. Be sure to check out our video on the step-by-step guide to make a hard bound book. There it is, the overview of the materials you'll be using. This is the Fastback 9.