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Uploaded on April 25, 2012 by kiddsteeth1

DR. KOTLOW HAS WORKED WELL WITH MY FAMILY!! Dr. Kotlow is an excellent dentist. He runs his office a certain way which works well with my family. The children have to be seen in the AM (I believe up to 7)and they go downstairs to their appointment without their parents. Up to age 3 is seen in a different room with a parent. I know a lot of parents object to this but I think it works great. My children behave much better for them if I am not there. The waiting room is filled with video games, fish and a train that travels around the room. Downstairs they have TVs and I really don't know what else since i'm not allowed down there :-). He is always up on technology and is very firm with his recommendations. Dr. Kotlow has worked well with my family. He also practices preventative care when it comes to braces.

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