Customer Experience is New Luxury Battleground


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Cadillac institutes cultural initiatives to improve customer service

The fierce competition between luxury automotive brands extends beyond artfully designed, high-tech new products. It's about capturing the hearts and minds of affluent customers before product or price enter the equation.

"While we've performed fairly well in customer service, we sensed a bigger opportunity," said Kurt McNeil, vice president of Cadillac Sales and Service. "We call the approach Defining Moments – the fact that every interaction with a customer can potentially define our brand."

Spurred by the brand's ongoing momentum in product and marketing, Cadillac gained insights from outside the automotive space to enhance its approach to customer experience.

"Cadillac is the real thing when it comes to the products, and its approach to the cultural aspects of the luxury customer experience," said Milton Pedraza, founder and CEO of the Luxury Institute.

The institute conducts extensive research on affluent consumer behaviors. One of Pedraza's key findings is that today's luxury consumers have countless options for desirable products, placing more value on experiences.

"To earn credibility among luxury customers, brands not only have to offer the best products, but they must also be kind and provide an overall positive purchasing experience," said Pedraza. "The opportunity for luxury brands not only lies in out-performing the competition, but also out-behaving the competition."

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