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Uploaded on April 26, 2012 by lowmanspine

AFTER TREATMENT, I AM WALKING NORMALLY AND FEELING BETTER! Dr. Lowman and staff are wonderful. They are friendly, caring and helpful. I could hardly walk due to a lower back problem, but after treatment, I am walking normally and feeling much better. Thanks for everything!

I NO LONGER DEAL WITH HEADACHES!! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Dr. Lowman and his staff really care about treating and caring for you like you are one of their own. Dr. Lowman is a very personable doctor that makes you feel at home. His staff is definately one of a kind. They are very nice and respectful. Thanks to Lowman Spine and Rehab, I no longer have to deal with cripiling headaches.

THANK YOU DR LOWMAN! Lowman Spine & Rehab Center is great Thank you Dr Lowman! You have returned me to my daily activities with your expert center.



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