Chibson Chinese Gibson Fake [HD]

By: tgenza


Uploaded on April 26, 2012 by tgenza

This is a Chinese Gibson ordered from The seller's name is the "thebest". I ordered this guitar for research purposes on the "Chinese Gibsons".

I was reading some Gibson and Fender forums and came across the subject of counterfeits. I started to delve into this dark world of guitar counterfeiting. There is quite a bit to it, so I'll try using some bullet points. I'm using Gibson and Epiphone as an example.

Ü Some manufactures move operations to China because it's cheaper.

Ü Some Chinese websites sell Gibson knockoffs as well as real Epiphone guitars. For those who don't know Epiphone is owned by Gibson and they manufacture guitars that look similar and play similarly to Gibson guitars under the Epiphone name. That tells me that there is a good chance that the Epiphone factories and equipment are being used to spit out the Gibson fakes.

Ü There have been lawsuits against Chinese counterfeiters coming from notable names such as Gibson, Fender and Ibanez. The irony here is that Ibanez started by making copies of well known American guitars. You can cruise eBay to look for a "lawsuit" era Ibanez. They were very close reproductions and I have found some hear/say that Ibanez was known to slap a Fender logo on the reproductions.

Ü The quality of the guitars has improved considerably. The old adage 'practice makes perfect' applies to counterfeiting. They have come from crappy particleboard bodies, inferior hardware, bindings and electronics to actually having pretty straight necks, nice finishes and at least 'middle of the road' quality hardware and electronics. Somewhat impressive from what I can see.

This guitar is not a Gibson and will not be represented or sold as such.

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