Botox Millville NJ, Migraine Treatment Options, George Kourakin,


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Botox Millville NJ, Migraine Treatment Options, George Kourakin, Maurice Town Dentistry

Botox Millville NJ : Millville migraine headaches dentist, Dr. George Kourakin, discusses Migraines and the treatment options that are available. Many patients do not know that a dentist can help eliminate Migraine headaches. This is because they are usually referred to a physician. Unfortunately most of these patients will be given medication to sedate them instead of eliminate the Migraine pain. Dr. Kourakin points out that most of the Migraine Pain stems from muscle spasms from the Jaw and neck. These Migraines can be treated in several ways by a dentist. By using Botox injections the Doctor is able to assist in the reduction of Migraine occurrences and the level of pain. He tells the story of a patient who received the injections and had a 75% reduction of Migraine occurrences. After the second round of injections, 95% of the Migraine occurrences were reduced. There is an option to implement an appliance like a mouth guard as well. Dr Kourakin explains how the bite force is a key factor in dealing with Migraines. Physical therapy is facilitated by Dr. Kourakin and he believes it is an option that should be used no matter which treatment a patient receives. With the help of his excellent therapist, the patient will receive exercises to help with the Migraines as well as a muscle relaxer taken at bed time. Dr. Kourakin does not believe in sedating the patient all day to treat the pain. For more information about migraine treatment options, visit Dr. George Kourakin's website today for migraine headaches treatment Millville NJ. For more videos, visit

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