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Those three free training videos, which have strategies in them, that others have paid thousands of dollars for. I’m going to send it to you for free – when you order the book today. Just because I’m excited that you're helping me, pre-order the book, get the message out there in advance, because I believe if can get this book to you and you read it then you will find something within yourself, that not only you will accomplish more or achieve more, but you will serve more.
So, enter your name and email, then your shipping information and I will send you a free hard copy of the book, as soon as we receive them from the publisher. The week of may fifteenth this year. So let's get into it - what are the human drives that make us feel alive? I mean if you are going to fully engage and charge up in your life again. What do you have to do? Well, my entire life story is has been all about that – If you haven’t met me before. My story really began when I was a nineteen year old man and I was in a dramatic car accident. And going through that accident, as I was recovering from it and thinking about my journey with that accident. I kept thinking about this question of – did I live? You know, did I really live my life? Alive, vibrant and passionate - I mean, was I really enjoying my life? Was I living with a full charge? And the answers to those questions sent me to a fifteen years journey of studying in-depth psychology and neuroscience and high-performance research. Trying to figure out - what is it that differentiates people? What is it that makes one person feel alive and vibrant and charismatic and able to conquer anything to stand in their path?
Another person who can barely get out of bed in the day. Why is it? So many people today feel aimless or directionless, restlessness or a frustration in their life. And they're not able to break through and achieve what they always wanted to achieve. While other people seem so seemingly easy for them; you know what the difference is? The way in which they are activating their ten human drives. You see, we’re all driven by the same things, as human beings, as a species and understanding what those drives are; will really help you to understand – how to activate them. Because my belief is – once you activate them. You can feel fully alive and clearer, more confident, more connected than ever before.
So the two varieties of human drives - the first variety is the baseline human drives, these are our drives in general for feeling more connected with our self and with others. Right, its self knowledge and connection with our social world, that drives at a baseline level. These are the stuff, just to get in the game. These are the questions about: how much control do you need to feel in life? So that you can feel secure and able to charge forward. We have to ask how competent do you feel? You know; if you don't feel smart and successful - it's likely if that's not part of your identity as a smart or successful person. You're not going to accomplish as much and try as much. How congruent are you with who you really are and who you really want to be? From your thoughts and your behavior, and your actions with others.

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