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What about caring? Do you feel cared for? Do you care for other people? As soon as you start tapping into the drive of that desire to care for others and to be cared for yourself and most importantly - to care for yourself. To care for your physical body and your mental health; things start amplify and of course connection. We all want to feel connected with others, loving with others. We want that zest in life that only comes with fully engaged, fully meaningful and deep relationships.
Well these are all the baseline drives and I take on each of these drives in one chapter of the book. So we have a chapter on control. And you know what’s interesting; most people think that they have more control in the wrong areas of their life that actually don't lead to a bump in their level of satisfaction, engagement and happiness with life. As matter of fact in each of these areas, you are either are currently activating them or not but the challenges - my guess! Is that you probably activating mid way? That’s not giving you the most “bang for the buck.” For example right now, everybody knows that have deep fulfilling relationship is part of the zest in life, and if we can have more deep, meaningful relationships. We could feel more fully charge, but the way in which most people seek to create those connections are actually counter-productive.
So in each of these chapters, I'm going to reveal just three activators for each drive. So there are three strategies in each chapter that's going to teach you - the one nil moving thing that you need to do to activate that drive. Three strategies and you feel more fully alive because you’re activating this more intelligently and strategically, but you know what the zest in life comes from more than just the baseline drives is from these forward drives. There are five forward human drives and activating these is the fastest way to move you forward in life. And at the truth is this they're a little harder and a little more challenging to activate than the baseline drives.
Our baseline drives for self-knowledge and social connection. They are the kinds of genetically encoded within us; I mean those are easy, those are things that naturally already seek and when I recommend - what to do to activate these things. You'll understand that they're simple, there straightforward and easy to do, and they will move the needle for you. But nothing will move the needle more than learning to activate these forward drives.
The first forward drive is our drive for change, for wanting to change our lives and change our lot in life. Here's the issue with this - most people has never learned which changes will actually make them feel more fulfilled in life. Change is around us all the time; right every new day - a new technology comes out. Every day we blast to trillions of cells in our bodies, we know change but when you learn to master change, and we have chosen the right changes to direct us to our ideal world.

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