Roulette Strategy Part 5


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Roulette Strategy Part 5

“Roulette Strategy by Henry Labouchere” has withstood the test of time. It has been employed by a few knowledgeable roulette professionals over the past 200 years.

A few thousand people worldwide play roulette professionally. They experience continued success by employing a proven Roulette Strategy. Using a proven staking plan is a major part of their Roulette Strategy and the main reason they are so successful.

A preset win target is a major part of their Roulette Strategy which announces the time to stop playing. One of the many reasons non-professional roulette players lose is because they don’t employ a preset win target.

Professional roulette players experience a high bet selection win/loss strike rate because they target many repeating circumstances. It is not uncommon to witness non-professional roulette players placing their chips haphazardusly all over the layout.

Having a modest daily win target is why professional roulette players don’t get targeted by experienced croupiers.

Roulette Strategy

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