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Tired of unsightly efflorescence leaving tide marks on your walls? Would like you like to get rid of that persisting damp flaking paint and peeling wallpaper your damp walls allow to flourish? Tired of that damp musky smell that invades your home and belongings in damp rooms?
Bonding to the substrate our damp proof paint ARCADAMP will effectively eliminate these problems due to rising damp or water penetration..
Highly resistant to alkalis and micro-porous, ARCADAMP prevents water infiltration while allowing the substrate to breathe and water vapour to escape. .
ARCADAMP damp proof paint is easy to apply and dries fast (approximately 2 hours) to eliminate penetrating damp. ARCADAMP damp proof paint treats and protects the porous outer layer of your wall and renders a white matt decorative finish. This washable surface can be left as is or be covered with a topcoat of your choice.
ARCADAMP can be applied to damp plaster or masonry, brick, cement, concrete block etc. and is ideal for use in treating and preventing dampness in your basement or garage, bathroom or cellars.

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