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Foot Doctor Carmichael CA, Dr. David Kahan speaks about special wear shoes prescribed to people diagnosed with diabetes problems. Most people who suffer from diabetes have problems trying to find the shoe that will best fit , and most important the shoe that is going to feel comfortable. Dr, Kahan mentions that often patients come to him and ask him what are the right shoes to wear, soft surface shoes, hard surface shoes, wide, thin, athletic shoes , work boots. Dr. David Kahan mentions that people that in most cases the best thing to do is to visit a podiatrist , and have examine your foot , and if special shoes are needed your foot doctor will bring it up to your attention. For more podiatry videos visit the following link:
Carmichael Foot Doctor, Dr. David Kahan also serves the cities of: Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Mcclellan, Fair Oaks and zipcodes of: 95608, 95609, 9584

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