Roulette Strategy Part 6


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Roulette Strategy Part 6

You have very little chance of winning consistently without employing a Roulette Strategy that has withstood the test of time. Several professionals have used “Roulette Strategy by Henry Labouchere” over the past 130 years.

There are four major components that make up a professional Roulette Strategy, they are Money Management, Bet selection, Bankroll and preset Win Target.

The reason roulette professionals are so successful is because they use a proven staking plan. They also use excellent money management skills when playing roulette.

They always carry sufficient bankroll for those difficult times when the run of play is against them. Of course they only play long enough to get to their preset win target, which is also in their bag of tricks.

Targeting several repeating circumstances is also in the professional’s bag of tricks. This gives them a high strike rate in their quest for winning bets. You will never witness a professional placing bets randomly, or without reason.

Roulette Strategy

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