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For years, Chuck Montana has been studying the use of
marine phytoplankton as an all natural alternative cancer treatment
(as can be heard in most of the marine phytoplankton videos on our website " He says that in his experience: "Only marine phytoplankton grown in real ocean water that has been purified, filtered and sterilized is known to benefit those with cancer." He goes further to mention that the rare nutrient CoQ9 may also play an essential role in the effectiveness of marine phytoplankton against cancer. In addition, he explains that most phytoplankton products on the market today have very little effect on cancer, and some (which are synthetically-grown) can even make cancer conditions worse. So, use caution when selecting a marine phytoplankton product! For more info, check out our Marine Phytoplankton section on our website (see below). Based on results reported during his interviews of those using marine phytoplankton, for cancer Chuck personally recommends 3 to 6 grams of marine phytoplankton daily--taken in powder or pure capsule form--divided into two servings--a.m. and p.m.

In this Video, A dog named Penny had a cancer tumor removed, but the cancer had spread so much that she couldn't walk and could barely eat. The veterinarian said chemotherapy would kill her and suggested that she be put down. Penny's owner, Sharlene, refused and took Penny home and started mixing marine phytoplankton in with her food. After two and a half weeks, Penny showed great improvement and now two years later she is completely healthy, cancer-free, and known by friends and neighbor as the "Miracle Mutt."

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