High Voltage DC by Marx Generator Principles


Uploaded on May 02, 2012 by Efxkits

Model No: 237 The aim of this project is High voltage Marx generator implementation using MOSFET/IGBT stacks. The Marx generator is composed of 4 stages and each stage is made of MOSFET/IGBT stacks, two diode stacks, and capacitors. MOSFET/IGBT stack is used as a single switch. Diode stacks and inductors are used to charge the high voltage capacitor at each stage without power loss. The proposed Marx generator implementation uses MOSFET/IGBT stack with a simple 555 driver. This system structure gives compactness and easiness to implement the total system from a DC supply of 12V to get 48V. For more details visit www.efxkits.com or www.facebook.com/edgefx

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