Four Quadrant DC Motor Control Without Microcontroller


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Model No: 241 The aim of the project is to develop a control system for DC motor in four-quadrant operation. Using a built in H-bridge driver IC it is possible to demonstrate forward &reverse motoring and braking.

The operation of DC motor is directly proportional to armature voltage polarity and inversely proportional to flux. By maintaining the flux constant, the direction can be changed by reversing the armature voltage.
In this project, we use a small FHP (Fractional Horse Power) DC motor whose field comprises of a permanent magnet. The armature of that is excited by the driver IC as stated.

The system is provided with various control keys, such as START, STOP, FORWARD, REVERSE, FORWARD BRAKE, and REVERSE BRAKE. Using these keys, the user can set the motor to run in any one of the following modes, namely Forward motoring, Reverse motoring, Forward braking and reverse braking.

Using time IC 555 in monostabe to impose reverse voltage to a running motor for a very short time results in immediate stop that happens both during forward and reverse run of the motor by the motor driver IC. For more details visit or

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