America's Got Talent MOST DANGEROUS ACT: Brad Byers Hook and Drill

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Brad Byers puts an 18" hook up his nose and out his mouth then hangs an anchor from it on NBC's America...
Brad Byers puts an 18" hook up his nose and out his mouth then hangs an anchor from it on NBC's America's Got Talent! Brad is the originator of the drill act. He holds the THE HUMAN TOOLBOX Guinness World record. Due to the EXTREME DANGER of this act, no other entries (or copies) will be allowed by Guinness. From yo-yos to sword swallowing Brad has 20 acts in his repertoire and can perform up to three different one hour shows! Check out his website: www.bradbyers**** SIDESHOW SWORD SWALLOWING- 7 swords with a twist, saw, curved sword, coat hangers HUMAN TOOL BOX- Guinness World Records name for Brad's blockhead act of nailing a board to the face and drilling into the nose with an electric drill! PULLING SWAN THROUGH NOSE- animal balloon goes in nose comes out the mouth a swan! WAKING AND JUMPING ON BROKEN GLASS- including audience volunteer piggy back ride FUN WITH A STAPLEGUN- playing cards stapled to bare chest, stomach and forehead! BED OF NAILS- up to 18 people sitting on top of Brad! BLOW TORCH-propane torch burning at 3450 degrees is extinguished on the tongue. SMASHING FINGER WITH SOUP CAN HANDS IN STEEL SPRING TRAPS- with teeth! TONGUE IN MOUSE TRAP FAN STOP- vintage electric fan with metal blades turning at high speed stopped with tongue! TARANTULA/SCORPION BUBBLE BLOWING-live spider or scorpion in mouth while blowing soap bubbles! CIRCUS JUGGLING-including machetes, bottles, plates, bowling ball and ping-pong balls! FINGER SPINNING- card table, suite case, metal folding chair spinning on finger tip! CHIN BALANCING- barbells, bicycle, ladder balanced on chin! ROLA BOLA (balancing on a board placed across a rolling cylinder) - jump rope, balance on one foot! UNICYCLES- chain driven, mini, triple wheel, and tiny bicycle SKILL TOYS YO-YOS- hundreds of tricks including stunts with a yo-yo in each hand! THROWING/TOSS TOPS- impossible looking tricks with various sizes of tops! HULA HOOP/STRAIGHTJACKET-novelty hula hoop act with a "straight jacket escape while hula hooping" finish!