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ABSOLUTELY MORE HOPEFUL!! The problem was the burning of my legs and the stabbing pains. This mostly affected my sleep, and turned into tremendous fatigue the next day. I've seen different specialists, neurologists. They couldn't help me. One gave me some pills which caused some inflammation so I had to stop it, some sort of nerve pills. I had a skin Dr. that gave me all sorts of creams but nothing helped. Dr Chousky, you are the only one that helped. I now sleep better and am absolutely more hopeful. I wasn't that convinced at first but it worked for me, it helped me a lot! It was worth every dollar! Ted - Retired _ Toronto

COULD ADDRESS MY ISSUES!! I suffered from extreme burning and extreme tingling sensations that kept me awake at night, and were very uncomfortable. The initial exam confirmed that the process offered at the clinic could address my issues.

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