Weighted Bench Dips Tricep Muscle Exercise [HD]

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http://fitnessweightlosscenter.com - Weighted Bench Dips | Tricep Muscle Exercise - If you're looking for a great exercise for your triceps you need to add weighted bench dips to your routine. The bench height should allow for full range of motion. If a spotter is not available, place weight on lap sitting on floor or edge of bench. Try not to lean forward. That way your triceps do all the work and not your pecs. Also, keep your legs straight, but don't lock your knees.

It is best to attempt this exercise without any weights at first in order to get used to the movements required for good form. If that variation also becomes easy, then you can have a spotter place plates on top of your lap. Make sure that in this case the spotter ensures that the weights stay there throughout the exercise.

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