WWF World Wrestling Federation Men’s Patrice Muscle Guy [18+]


Uploaded on May 06, 2012 by tanmanca

Bulging muscle guys wrestler on http://www.gayties.com/ wearing speedos. You might think these guys are hurting each other, but it is all professionally choreographed just like what you see on TV. This is amazing to see guys picked up and tossed, slammed down, pined, spun around, carried, and machine-gun-punched and fit in the belly. The full video is at gayties.com (a free site) and in the full video clip you see a lot of phony, but realistic looking pro wrestling moves. This is supper hot! All the guy are very handsome and sexy. The WWF is currently called WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). So buffed up and muscular are these body builders. They pose, flex, exhibit, their huge biceps, thighs, arms, and legs. Great physical fitness.

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