'FREEDOM DEAL' Intercepted Transmission from Cambodia (satire)


Uploaded on May 09, 2012 by camerado

"INTERCEPTED TRANSMISSION FROM CAMBODIA", highlighting the fundraising efforts of the independent Cambodian-based Vietnam War era feature; FREEDOM DEAL, currently in fundraising development stages to shoot in Cambodia, through IndiGogo @ http://igg.me/p/101764?a=207478

This novel reworking of a pre-existing work, with significant changes in context via a novel sound element, (ala Andy Awarhol's 'Cambell Soup Cans' paintings vis-a-vis the Cambell's brand) is not intended to derive or divert revenue from the rightful copyright holders of the feature film, "Apocalypse Now', who we would respectfully refer any potential purchasers or viewers of the film to seek.

Contributors and supporters can visit the FREEDOM DEAL fundraising platform online at: http://igg.me/p/101764?a=207478 to contribute as they can afford, so that we can produce an authentic Vietnam War-era feature film that takes place in Cambodia in 1970, during the US-ARVN incursion.

We are not seeking to derive or extract revenue from this work in any form, but to celebrate it ('Apocalype Now') as a classic work, and therefore open to comment in its current form, such as the famously satirized Odessa steps sequence of Battleship Potempkin, or the frequently satirized 'tent scene sequence' in the Blair Witch project.

In any case, we hope viewers will find it illuminating that, to produce a feature film in the current Cambodian environment, where there is no film industry or equipment to speak of, that our clip may call attention to the needs of our highly challenged Cambodian production team in a new and changing global film production context.

(see more at the official website at http://www.freedomdealmovie.com)

Comments and inquiries can me mad directly to our Cambodia based production group at camerado@camerado.com with any further inquiries.

FREEDOM DEAL: http://www.freedomdealmovie.com

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