Parrot & Sweeney by Alan Roberts


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Parrot & Sweeney return with three more riveting whodunits.

The well-dressed man cut a strange figure as he stood almost motionless in the derelict shop doorway on a bitterly cold and windy December morning. As he turned up the collar on his expensive overcoat, his somber eyes moved impassively across the graffiti covered high rise block in the rundown North London neighborhood. He stubbed out the remains of a small Cuban cigar, slipped a twenty pound note into the pocket of the sleeping vagrant, who for twenty minutes had been his sole companion, and then crossed the litter filled street, and slowly climbed the stairs to a shabby third floor apartment. An attractive woman with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes immediately answered his knock. He knew her to be in her late forties, but his immediate thought on seeing her, was that she could easily pass for someone ten to fifteen years younger. She stood before him, glaring menacingly for a second, before saying, “you’ve got five minutes.” “That’s all I need. I take it you read my letter,” replied the man. “That’s the only reason I’m letting you inside,” she said sharply. An hour later they emerged from the apartment. She now looked at him with softer eyes than the ones that had coldly allowed him into her home just a short while ago. “I’m with you on this, but are you sure there’s no other way?” She said. “I’ve racked my brains trying to think of one, but there’s not. I’ll truly understand if you don’t want to get involved.” “Like I said, I’m with you. When do you want the first meeting?” And so begins the first story in another Parrot & Sweeney trilogy. Detective Chief Superintendent George Parrot and newly promoted Detective Inspector Daniel Sweeney encounter kidnapping, blackmail, and bizarre murders along the way, in this new offering of original whodunits by English author Alan Roberts.

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