The Leslie's Body Weight Drill - Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout... [HD]


Uploaded on May 13, 2012 by ckotrainer
TeaserThis is a non-stop, heart-pumping, calorie-torching workout. Got a a heavy bag hanging unused in your home? Time to take advantage of this insane training tool that will allow you to 'super-charge' your workout! Tired of all the workout DVD's that use flat, studio set ups to film their workouts? Sick of staring at paid professional models demonstrating moves?Step into my class. I bring you directly into a real, legit kickboxing class complete with real people and real energy. I use the pace of the class to push you to your potential and keep the workout at the optimum level. This is a conditioning workout that focuses on burning massive amounts of energy and developing your sense of balance, power, speed, and 'Improv Striking' (IS) which is a key focus in my class. You'll develop the ability to strike without thinking- your body will react to a situation immediately.This is where the magic happens... As your strikes get faster and more powerful, your body fat begins to melt off and you'll start to see muscles you never realized you had! You'll be "Crushing It!"! This is the key to transforming your body, and it's NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE in your own home UNTIL NOW!!!You'll get:Instant access to a class that is designed to enhance your heavy bag workout whether you're a K-1 Champion or a kickboxing-cross training enthusiast. It's all here. I have designed and developed this class to burn the most amount of energy with the least amount of effort. Yes. With "The Least Amount Of Effort"-- Of course, your body will be exerting great effort while it's torching bodyfat. But your mind won't! I promise you won't be wondering how much time you have left while you're taking THIS class! That's because I've carefully designed the language of the class to put your mind on auto-pilot and your body in overdrive! You've never felt ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE--

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