How To Get People To Your Site

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The best way to get people to your website is to offer good relevant content to your readers, listeners or ...
The best way to get people to your website is to offer good relevant content to your readers, listeners or viewers. And when they get their then you offer something for free. But how do you get them their in the first place. You need to create as many relevant links to your website. Below are 10 free traffic methods you can use to get those links 1. Comment on Blogs Commenting on blogs is a fast and easy way to share your affiliate link, or website details. It can take a little time to find relevant blogs but it is worth the search. Make sure you give good advice, and do not just jump straight to a sales pitch. But at the end of your comment make give the link to your website. But be sure you are nice about it. 2. Relevant Domain Names When you start a website you will need to choose a domain name that matches your chosen keywords, and product. This will help you to rank better in your chosen niche. Make sure your website is relevant to the product or service you are providing 3. Article Writing Article writing is a real skill that will only improve as you do it. If you do not believe that you are any good at writing article then maybe you need to practice writing on a blog. Watch a few videos on YouTube, and Ezine articles to avoid making mistakes and having your article rejected. Remember if your article is rejected it does not mean that you are rejected ; only your article is not you, so do not give up because they think your article needs a little tweaking. Remember Article writing is a skill that is developed over time and you will learn from your mistakes. So keep going you will only get better 4. Forums Forums are a great place to go to advertise your website. Say you have a niche that is targeted to sinus suffers, Sign up to a sinus sufferer forum. It is best to sign up to a forum that allows you to share your links. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the forum in case they do not let you share affiliate links. You could direct people to your blog which then allows you to then link to your website or affiliate link 5. Classified Ads A really great method to get people to your website is online classified ads. Do a Google search to find the top five to ten classified ads services and promote an ad on them. If they provide html, then you can place an ad, that is practically identical to the original sales page. It is also a good place to put your autoresponder. But do not forget to place you affiliate link in so people can click on it. 6. . Information Video Produce an information video. It can be easier than you think. You can use a PowerPoint presentation like this one and use a screen capture software like Camtasia Studio 7, Hypercam Or Camstudeos all of these softwares allow you to record your computer screen, and allows you to put videos from an AVI file onto sites like Youtube or Metacafe. It is easier then you may think. 7. PowerPoint Produce a PowerPoint presentation that contains good relevant content. Which is keyword rich and easy to read . Make sure that your points are short and to the point and big enough to read. Include images if it is relevant to your presentation. And place it on a PowerPoint sharing site such as Slideshare 8. Create a Blog Blogs have developed over time. Now people are using it for their primary website, and they are using it to sell their products and services. It is a great way to get backlinks and visitors to your site. It is also used to direct people to your sales page as well; often people promote there blog because, it either has their affiliate or sales page link which is what Google likes and will happily rank higher. The more relevant links on you blog the higher the ranking your page will get. Good content is king, and make it keyword rich the content the better the ranking So get blogging 9. Press Release A press release is where people announce something that is news worthy. That means that you can announce your product or service. What you need to do is write it like a news article with quotes and questions and answers. This is looked upon favourably by Google 10. Solo Ads Solo ads can be one of the easiest ways to get people to your website . A solo ad is someone advertising your give away offer to thousands of their customers. People will charge from $30 to $150 for a certain number of clicks It is best to make sure that you find someone that guarantees number of clicks . I would advise that you try safe-swap ads The members are often well known internet marketers that have thousands of people of visitors on their lists Remember for this to actually work you will need to do this perhaps hundreds of times. Each method is Google friendly and if done with integrity then you will eventually rank well remember choose one main keyword and use that in all the methods. If your keyword is the name of your site and domain name make sure that it it has low competition and fairly good searches. Then you will have a better chance of being ranked at a better position. For more information then visit *******www.affiliateguru.zxq****