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California juvenile law attorney Michael McGlinn talks to you about the 3 things you need to do if someone you know has been accused of a sexual offense against a child.

A sexual act against in a child is a very serious and complicated issue that must be handled correctly. As an attorney, we can answer whatever questions that you need help with. But we can start off with a few suggestions that may help your case go better. First, as we discussed, hire a lawyer. Then make sure to protect any children in your home from the threat of the abuser, whether they are another child in your care of a loved one. You do not want your children removed because you failed to protect them from a known threat. Get the accused person out of the house, but they still must remain in the community as charges may be filed. Although therapy can do a great deal of wonders for these kinds of situations, make sure you wait until a lawyer or the court tell you which therapist to use. It’s important to use a court approved therapist in these cases. Covering these basic first steps is extremely important not only for your case, but for the sake of your home. Watch the video now to learn more.

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