Back Injury New York City


Uploaded on May 18, 2012 by DrIlanBohm Orlee Fromm describes the back injury ordeal of her daughter Ariel who was injured on a trampoline. They ran from Doctor to Doctor including Pediatric Orthopedist's and Pediatrician's looking for the cause and for relief from Ariel's pain. Nothing worked. For three weeks Ariel was in so much pain she could do nothing but lay on the floor. The Doctors gave Ariel two doses of morphine and that did not relief even half of the pain. Finally, they reached a point when they were done with the Doctors and the Medications and they called Dr. Bohm on a Sunday night. Dr. Bohm was kind enough to meet them in his office that day. They had to carry Ariel into the office and she was able to walk out on her own. She does not feel any pain at all now. They highly recommend Dr. Ilan Bohm.

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