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PLUS I CAN FEEL THE FLOOR!!! I'd like to tell you how much pain I was in before I saw Dr. Weiner. My legs were swollen, I had burning in my feet, I could not feel anything when I walked and my balance was terrible. Since I have been coming here for 2 months, I have noticed my ankles and calves are much more slender, my feet don't burn anymore, and my balance is much better, plus I can feel the floor.- M.L.

MY BURNING IS ALMOST GONE. Dr. Weiner has helped my back and hip in the past and I told him about the burning and numbness in my feet. He recommended the neuropathy treatment and after 20 sessions, I now have very little burning in my feet, I can now sleep more comfortably and I find I have better balance. I'm very pleased. he has done it again.

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