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Uploaded on May 21, 2012 by drjohnupton

THE STAFF IS WONDERFUL!! I'm happy going to the dentist! I have finally found a dentist that I enjoy going to. The staff is wonderful - they treat you like a king.

ASSISTANTS ARE ALWAYS PLEASANT!! Like most people, I love going to the dentist. I love having no control over the sharp, bitter objects in my mouth that could do a lot of damage very quickly. Well, for those of you who do not share my love of such things, Dr. Upton and his staff know what they are doing and you can trust them to wave such objects around your soft tissue. I have been seeing Dr. Upton since I was a wee lad in short pants and I am always more than satisfied when I leave. His assistants are always pleasant and do their best to make you comfortable. The work I've received from Dr. Upton is always quick and efficient.

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