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Florida family law and divorce attorney Steve Kramer explains how you are able to change your alimony, paying less than the previously agreed upon amount.

Alimony is a set amount of money that you will be required to pay to your spouse. But, you may encounter a change in your life that makes it necessary to modify that amount. And yes, that’s possible. You can pay less based on circumstances such as loss of job or illness, allowing a modification. Or maybe you’re disabled or you’ve accrued a lot of medical debt. It is also possible to do this if your spouse remarries or even just gets involved in a relationship that provides financial support to them. Each of these instances can help you modify this amount making it significantly less or even leave you with no payments at all. Be sure to file for a modification immediately if you feel that one of these changes is a factor in your life. The quicker you do so, the less you will have to pay in the future. Watch the video now to learn more.

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