Dr Lawrence Kotlow DDS Complaint Free


Uploaded on May 22, 2012 by kiddsteeth1

DR. KOTLOW WAS THOROUGH AND PROFESSIONAL!! Dr. Kotlow was thorough and professional. I would recommend this practice to anyone. After the procedure, my infant immediately nursed better. More comfortable for baby and me. Thank you Dr. Kotlow!

WE HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Your office was wonderful we had a great experience and have/will continue to recommend you highly to other mothers. Thank you.

THE DENTIST AND STAFF ARE FRIENDLY AND AMAZING!! We had the most incredible exp!! My son loves it here and the dentist & staff are friendly & amazing.

THE PROCEDURE CHANGED OUR LIVES!! My son is so much better post surgery. He no longer fusses when eating and eats more at each feeding. The procedure changed our lives. Thank you.

EXCELLENT SERVICE!! Excellent service. It's great to have my child excited to come to the dentist.

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