My Nightmare (Dreams Of Fate) by Forever's End - Acoustic DEMO


Uploaded on May 22, 2012 by MetalSays

"This is a One Take Acoustic session featuring Gavin and I on Guitars and Vocals recorded in 2006 at Dream Machine Studios. This song was featured on the FOX North Bay Underground Radio Show. This is the song that came from my Dream and also the very Dream that the name Forever's End came from as well in 1986. This Dream Haunted me all the way to my actual Death because in it I died. I had this Dream from 13 years old until I was 21 every night I would die. Since We recorded this song I haven't ever had the Dream again. It's still strange to me that if it weren't for this Dream I wouldn't know most of the people I know personally today... All because the band's name came from this Dream as did this song. It is strange to me to be here today and be in a band called Forever's End that plays this song even. I feel like this is the Dream. Or is it a Nightmare? :( I hope you like this song. One Love! I WISH!"~M

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