Victoria Francés - Arlene's Heart [HD]


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The story of Arlene is the story of many people who nowdays feel they have lost their heart.
In this new ilustred book, I've tried to express the feeling of margination and solitude that some human beings experience in today's society.
A society that regregates the one's who's "different ", treats him like a monster and forces him to live insolates from the rest of the world....
My obsession is none other than to show that difference, and make clear that only beauty resides in it, for the thing that makes us different to everyone else is what makes us unique and special.
The scars symbolize the marks of suffering we go through. Signals felt by a illness or experiences that mark our inner selves for the rest of our lives. The Heart of Arlene includes everyone who has ever felt lost, all of them who still have wounds and, above all, feelings of solitude and isolates.

Victoria Francés

♪♫..Hush my love now
don't you cry
Everything will be all right..♪♫

♪♫..Close your eyes and drift in dream
Rest in peaceful sleep..♪♫

♪♫..If There's one thing I hope
I showed you
Hope I showed..♪♫

♪♫..Just give love to all..♪♫

♪♫..Oh my love in my arm tight
Every day you give me life..♪♫

♪♫..As I drift off to you world
Will rest in peaceful sleep..♪♫

♪♫..I know there's one thing that
you showed me
That you showed me..♪♫

♪♫..Just give love to all
Let's give love to all..♪♫

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