Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food


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---Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food. Jane comes from a farming background and grew to love vegetable gardening at an early age.

To this day I have never seen another person eat an onion just like that most people eat apples.

To say she loves gardening is a bit of an understatement actually. It really is her passion, part of who she really is.

It is here that she really comes alive, whether it be getting her hands dirty in the greenhouse at the beginning of the season or helping harvest in the fall she is always smiling.

That really is the biggest part of this method, the part that is hard to explain, but easy to show you. The smiles will become part of your gardening experience when you try this method.

And one more thing, that we just cannot show you, the incredible taste difference with vegetables grown this way, it is our great pleasure to finally introduce the LesandJane method of gardening.

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