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(813) 979-9000 AK47 For Sale see our AK47 For Sale here at our Tampa Gun Shop and Tampa Gun Store! We have plenty of AK47 parts and AK 47 Accessories buy AK47 Magazine and tactical ak47 parts here!

At Sure Survival we strive to provide top quality customer service and we treat each customer with respect and care just as we would expect to be treated in anyother shop. Our staff are not on comission nor are they salesman but rather skilled firearm entheists with a diverse range of experience including military, sporting and speciality.

Our philosphy is that a customer should purchase a firearm that is most apporperate for their needs and one that they feel comfortable and confident using. We recommend that customers new to firearms go to any local range and try out different guns. Most ranges offer rentals and this is one of the best ways for a person to experience a broad range of firearms in actual use.

We offer a varity of quality mid to high end tactical firearms for personal defense and sports shooting. We also offer a wide range of custom options through our in-house Gunsmith and we always properly and safely store and handle your firearms while they are in our care.

Sure Survival
13755 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL 33613

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