Strugling With Addiction [HD]


Uploaded on May 31, 2012 by Betzalel Wolff

Your addiction is holding you hostage. I can help you take your life back!
Whether you are: still active in your addiction, already in recovery, recently relapsed or dealing with the anguish of having an addict in your family, you are facing profound difficulties.
No matter what the addiction—alcohol, drugs, sex or prescription meds,—its effects are devastating.
I can help.
These addictions destroy lives and families, who too often continue enabling behaviors that fuel the addiction.
If you're the family member of an addict, you need professional support to help you make choices that will ultimately help the addict and keep your family whole.
If you're an addict, you need professional support to take control of the addiction that has slowly but surely been taking over your life.
Addiction has put you and your family through more than enough.
Visit my site at for more information or call me at (647) 931-1528

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