Bottom Dollar - D-Pryde (ACOUSTIC) + ANNOUNCEMENT!

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DO YOUR OWN COVER TO THE SONG! I'LL WATCH ALL OF THEM AND TWEET MY FAVORITE ONES! INSTRUMENTAL WITH BACKGROUND VOCALS FOR RAPPERS AND SINGERS! ******* LYRICS: (Verse 1) Well hello and hi there// never knew you were weird like me// thought i was the only one// you make me feel like i'm not that lone-ly// can't believe your boy don't understand you// and you don't seem like you love it// and i think that we have more in common// so think twice we could be like cosmo and wanda// music and lyrics// under these blankets and covers// we can be like waffles and syrup// so take my hand today// and we can make now into last week// and turn you and him to you and me// (Chorus) I'll Take you to a place where// you don't have to think of him// and we can go wheeere ever you want// It won't cost you damn thing// love don't got no price at all// so if you need me, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be there// (Verse 2) I'm seriously drawn by the way that you've been overly hurt// because i'm always here to try to make you know what you're worth// a young lady that's amazing and you're perfect i tell it// with that cute pokin' bottom to them perkyish melons// and you're a felon that smile is better than fresh pancakes// i can't believe you and your stupid man date// i know i'm saying everything too weird and really fast paced// but i just wanna cuddle you're butt and give you my last name// oooh 'cause every day i'll give you love as a deposit// i don't need a million dollars or some cash up in my wallet// to keep you up in my heart// you're scrumptious i need a bite// lets sit and watch superbad// eating noodles with sticky rice// and not care about everybody cause we'll be out on our way// you're the apple of my day, and that juice to my minute maid// with that make-up on your face, i could tell that you try// and ain't no other man better than, better than, better than// (Chorus) CHORDS: A F# E D Bottom Dollar music video + studio version coming soon! Directed by Rik Cordero and produced by Den-Z with DJ Linobo. Tweet your videos and follow me at: DPrizzy Also, tweet DJ Linobo! Djlinobo FLAGSHIP JUNE 3RD, 2012