Asi&Demir - No Me Ames


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Kolaj görüntülerden oluşan bir Asi&Demir Klibi..
tell me why you're crying
of happiness
and why you drown
for lonliness
why do you choose me
so strong, my hands
and your thoughts
will always be with me
i want you so much
and because i am
crazy, stubborn
don't doubt it anymore
though in the future
there will be an enormous wall
i am not scared
i want to fall in love with you
don't love me because you think
that i am different
you don't think that is fair
to see time spent together
you don't love me, i understand
the lie that it would be
if i didn't deserve your love
you don't love me anymore, stay other day
don't love me, because i am lost
because i changed the world, because it is destiny
because it's not possible, we are a mirror
and you would be my reflection
don't love me, because i am dying
within a war of regrets
don't love me, for worldly reasons, i want to sore
with your great love of the blue sky
i don't know what to tell you, this is the truth
if people want to know, how to show compassion
you and i split, they don't move
but in this lonely sky, don't leave me
don't leave me, don't leave me
don't listen to me, if i tell you not to love me
don't leave me, don't disarm
my heart with that you don't love me
don't love me, that i beg you
my grief leaves me
you know well, that i can't
that it is useless, that i will always love you
don't love me, since i made you suffer
with this heart that is filled with a thousand winters
don't love me, to forget your grey days
i want you to love me just to love me
don't love me, you and i will fly
one with the other and we will always be together
this love is like the sun that comes out from behind
the (storm or torment)
like two comets in the same star
don't love me
don't love me
don't love me

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