1800123456Smart Number For Sale Promotion Video 7

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1800123456 Smart Number For Sale Promotion Video 7 00:29 Australian 1800 Smart Telephone Number for Sale. 5...
1800123456 Smart Number For Sale Promotion Video 7 00:29 Australian 1800 Smart Telephone Number for Sale. 50% of revenue will be donated to Australian Charities. Price Waterhouse Cooper Australian 1800 Smart Telephone Number for Sale. 50% of revenue will be donated to Australian Charities. Price Waterhouse Coopers will handle the actual sale of the number. Best of the Best 1800 number and only for the Best. Advertising promotional videos for branding 1-800123456. Launching the 1800123456 Brand from the powerful Youtube Platform. A competition involving all about numbers. 90 Day Free Trial to FORTUNE500 and BRW1000. 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They will all enhance and energize your brand. 1800123456 the most controversial smart number of the 21st century. 1800123456 Pty Ltd Trading as 1800123456. The website at *******www.1800123456****.au is currently seeking corporate sponsorship to advertise on banners for the length of the campaign. All revenue raised in relation to these banner ads will be donated to Global Charities. Be on the list. All funds will be collected and distributed under the oversight of Price Waterhouse Coopers. *******www.pwc**** 1800123456 Trademark. *******www.1800123456trademark**** Proudly Australian Owned. Australia Australia Australia Australia Part 7 - "Secret Ad Messages" The following carries on from Part 6 and describes in detail the Ad Mediums and the headings they come under. TV - Cable Sky News, Fox News or Foxtel, National TV Channel 10, Channel 9, Channel 7 and SBS. Radio - National Radio Stations 2GB 2CH NOVA 96.9 2WS Triple M. 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