Face Eating Zombie Eats Man's Face Miami Cannibal Attack FULL Security Camera Macarthur Causeway

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UPDATES available on *******facebook****/blackout & LIVE reports, spirit, news, pranks, fun, improv show & ...
UPDATES available on *******facebook****/blackout & LIVE reports, spirit, news, pranks, fun, improv show & TRUTH that the media keeps blacked out on *******blackout**** follow on twitter BlackoutsBox This is the FULL original video as released to the public domain by the Miami Herald with its security Cameras. No editing was done by me. 911 WAS called: *******www.youtube****/watch?v=tn4vwnePtAY UPDATE 6/02/2012: this is unbelievable, the government CDC actually has a page on Zombie Preparedness: *******www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm The first guy Rudy Eugene took his own clothes off and attacked and ripped off the clothes of the homeless guy Ronald Poppo (who also had been declared insane in 1976). As far as I know, this can occur to someone in one of only a few ways: 1 - the obvious - OD of some intense drug(s) or coming off drugs too fast - the theory so far is he was on something called "bath salts" which is some kind of research chemical speed or what not but this has not been officially proven. 2 - pulsing someone with sound or electrical frequency weapons (yes they do exist and they make people go ape shit). 3 - induced psychosis (hidden trauma that is brought out by a key word, event or phrase that triggers psychosis). Some of you may want to say 4 - some sort of possession - I don't really buy that but you never know. What is the truth behind all this? I don't know but there seems to be an awful lot of this going on in the past few weeks. Conventional news media (which wishes for you to be constantly distracted or in fear) says it was 'bath salts' a designer drug. Again, there seems to be a LOT of this in the main stream news media lately. It's scary to people. It may be a move for more power grabs for authorities. I'd rather have freedom and a few zombies here and there than an unrestricted kill on site police force everywhere. WHY did the police take so long? Also - a lot of people are saying how horrible it is that people went by and didn't stop to help. I would like to point out that now we DO KNOW several people called 911 (I will provide links soon) when they were still in just a fight mode - apparently before the face eating. Again - WHY did the police take 18 minutes to respond? For those of you screaming as to WHY didn't anyone get out of there car or off their bike and help - I mean, seriously, I'm a brave soul, but unless I had a Halo type weapon I don't think I'd approach someone naked who was EATING ANOTHER MAN'S FACE in some raged out psychosis. It's not like he's going to respond to reason. Would YOU go up to someone doing that? I could just hear the conversation: "Hey... YOU there! Yes, YOU there, NAKED FACE EATER! Stop that now! That's not a very nice thing to do I say! Hey.. wait.. why are you coming near me with your mouth foaming and growling like that!? Hey heeeeyyy MOMMMMEEE!!!!!!" The man's mother, friends and family say he wasn't a crazy guy type but was highly religious. If he was having some sort of massive drug psychosis - he could have very well believed he was killing a demon or who knows what the hell he was seeing - but that sort of rage USUALLY does not come from your run of the mill psychedelic drugs like LSD or mushrooms as far as I know. People can have bat trips and get scared, but do you remember anyone in the 60s eating someones face off? Will anyone ever know the full story? Guess they will have to see what was in his blood as the story unfolds. I don't have much faith in main stream media anymore. Please discuss but don't BASH each other people. Origin Destiny / Destiny Origin *******facebook****/blackout *******destinyorigin**** *******origindestiny**** *******trumpetdinopup****