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Dragon's Dogma review. Classic Game Room reviews DRAGON'S DOGMA from Capcom, a massive RPG adventure game where you create a character and loyal pawn! Pawns make this game very cool because you can loan your pawn out to other players and borrow theirs for your epic adventure. CGR Dragon's Dogma video review features Dragons Dogma gameplay recorded from PlayStation 3. Dragon's Dogma is available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Those looking for a giant RPG adventure game (or JRPG) role playing game with the ability to customize characters, earn experience (xp points), level up, collect weapons and armor, enhance weapons and armor and slaughter monsters, skeletons, thieves and the undead without mercy will love Dragon's Dogma. CGR plays as a strider (and eventually ranger) with a bow and knives known as Lady Vectrex. CGR's pawn is called ColecoVizion and he's a mage turned sorcerer who lights baddies on fire and offers useful advice.

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