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Uploaded on June 09, 2012 by ypageunited

"Hello, and welcome to the next video in a series of tutorials brought to you by

Yellow Pages United, all about claiming and editing your BizYellow business page.

In the previous video, we showed you how to find, and claim your business on

BizYellow. Today, we are going to cover the process of signing into your BizYellow

page, as well as give a brief overview of your BizYellow Dashboard.

First, go to and click the 'Sign-In' button at the top of the

page. Enter in the email address and password you chose while claiming your

business page and click 'Sign In'.

If you can't remember your password, simply enter the email address you used to

claim your business page in the box below and click the 'Reset Password' button.

Yellow Pages United will email you a new BizYellow password.

The first page you will see after logging into your BizYellow page will be the

Dashboard. From here, you can access every section of your page using the

navigation buttons shown above.

You can also get a quick glimpse of your site performance in the Page Traffic

section. This graph displays the date on the x axis, and the number of visitors on

the y axis, and can also display traffic stats from last week, last month, or even

the entire year.

That's it for this tutorial, but we'll be back with a better look at each of the

navigation tabs in the next set of videos."

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