Yellow Pages United - BizYellow Tutorial 3 - Messages

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*******yellowpagesunited*** Script: Hello, and welcome to the next video in a series of tutorials brought...
*******yellowpagesunited*** Script: Hello, and welcome to the next video in a series of tutorials brought to you by Yellow Pages United, all about claiming and editing your BizYellow business page. In the last tutorial, we showed you how to login to your BizYellow account, and also gave an overview of your Dashboard. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to view, and respond to messages posted to your BizYellow account. As you can see, your Dashboard allows you to quickly view any new messages by clicking on the "View" button here, or clicking on the messages button in the navigation bar. Both buttons will take you to the same place, the messages tab. From here you will be able to read, and respond to any messages sent to your BizYellow Business Page. To read a message, simply click on it. As you can see, the first message is a positive one. Let's reply back with a thanks. The next message is not so positive, but with BizYellow's messaging tool, you can easily reply back with an explanation, and even offer an incentive for the customer to give your business another try. As you can see, BizYellow's messaging feature puts you in direct contact with your customer base. After you have finished reading and responding to your messages, you can either keep them, delete them, or mark them as un-read. That's it for this tutorial, but we'll be back with an in-depth look at BizYellow's Review feature in the next video.