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Social Media Management Social Media Management Company

Social Media Management by Big Time Operators is for those who searching for the

best of the best. Big Time Operators is the #1 Social Media Management Company and

pride ourselves on simply being and working with the best! Big Time Operators is

made up of 2 brothers Jason Dehnert & Kris Dehnert, we are internationally

proclaimed social media management specialists who have all “A” list clients because

quite simply, we produce massive “Results!” We not only work with "A" list clients,

but we create "A" list clients out of all of our clients. We offer a wide range of

services including the following:

- Simply setting up your pages from scratch!

- Evaluating your current pages and making suggestions to make sure they are

properly being used and linked together so they are making the biggest impact


- Providing subscribers to your personal Facebook profile as well as adding fans to

your Fan Page to add credibility.

- Boost Twitter followers & run targeted campaigns.

- Increase YouTube Views, Subs, Friends, Comments, Likes Google +1's .

- Complete management of your entire social media image.

- Brand promotion through social media management.

- Getting your videos to the 1st page!!!

All of these services are available to help you increase your customers and promote

your business which equals more revenue! We are the go to Social Media Management

company for many of the country's top thought leaders and centers of influence.. See

why the best of the best choose us to manage and run there Facebook, YouTube,

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, their Blogs & Websites... And why we are the #1 Social

Media Management Company. Connect with us Today!!!

Social Media Management Social Media Management Company

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