Dr. Leigh-Davis As a Guest on the Television Show "Media MashUp"

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This interview gives one an education on the media, while being much more interesting and funny than a clas...
This interview gives one an education on the media, while being much more interesting and funny than a class lecture. Here are the highlights of Dr. Leigh-Davis being interviewed on the TV talk show “Media MashUp,” about her TV show, “The Legal Analyst;” being a TV news legal analyst; and her new position as editor-in-chief of Confidence Magazine. This is an entertaining and educational episode, where Dr. Leigh-Davis is questioned about her start as an attorney and law professor. Then, she delves in to her current vocation of broadcast journalist, and the newly restructured glossy, “Confidence Magazine.” Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, anthropologist, retired attorney, and broadcast journalist. Visit *******www.DrLeigh-Davis**** (or) *******www.DrLeigh-Davis****** for more information. Media MashUp is a TV talk show, exploring all facets of the media industry, and dissecting the differences in print, television, and radio journalism. Dr. Leigh-Davis has been writing, producing, and hosting TV for over 2 decades. First, Dr. Leigh-Davis talks about her book "Evil Things Women Do" and how she believes women need to go back to catering more to the man of the house. Then, she describes Confidence Magazine as aspiring to be in the realm of Vanity Fair magazine. The show discusses how newspapers & magazines are disappearing from media. Next, Dr. Leigh-Davis delves more in to her old-fashion & traditional beliefs, and elaborates on being an anthropologist and studying the best roles for men and women when in a relationship. Dr. Leigh-Davis expounds on how Confidence Magazine has lengthy articles, more like little books. She differentiates Confidence Magazine from other dying magazines, by making it like an artistic coffee table book and focusing on the artistic value of the magazine. Then, there is a discussion on the sale of Confidence Magazine's advertising space. Emphasis is placed on how there are barely anymore magazine subscribers, and now, magazines have to find new ways to sell their issues. Dr. Leigh-Davis explains why Confidence Magazine is now much more focused on classic cars & art. Dr. Leigh-Davis laughs about how she is one the few, who still listens to terrestrial radio, everyday. Dr. Leigh-Davis explains why the TV show “The Legal Analyst” is now changing to a celebrity focused, “Entertainment Tonight” style television show, with a legal twist. Then she digresses, with a story of how the producers of the TV show “The Doctors,” were considering producing another TV show called “The Lawyers.” This led to Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television show “The Legal Analyst.” Dr. Leigh-Davis talks about being a legal analyst, and how many other legal analysts really are not very good at what they do. She describes in detail what the job of a legal analyst entails. Elaborating on how she always reviews the entire case, even if she is only talking on-camera about the case for merely 2 minutes. There is a discussion about watching and reporting on courtroom trials. Finally, Dr. Leigh-Davis speaks about current groundbreaking cases in the legal system; before giving some tips on how to be a great legal analyst. In conclusion, the discussion turns to why some stories get more broadcast coverage than others, like the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Then, there’s a discussion on how cable television and set top boxes, (a.k.a as streaming media boxes,) affect everything. After some comments on Anderson Cooper, Dr. Leigh-Davis says she will return soon to Media MashUp to discuss The Huffington Post. Co-written & edited by Dr. Leigh-Davis