10000mAh Power Pack Battery Back-up [HD]


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The new 10000mAh Power Pack is a back-up battery that allows you to charge your devices such as an Iphone upto 6 times from zero with there being 2 USB ports you can also charge 2 devices at the same time when you're in an airport or plane, in the country on a camping or caravan trip, going abroad on vacation or business, even when attending music festivals or stadiums.

The Power Pack comes with a USB cable plus a set of adapters to connect to popular devices from Apple, Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung but if your mobile device came with a USB cable you can plug it directly into the Power Pack output.

It will be fully charged in about 3 to 4 hours. Incidentally, you can also charge the Power Pack from a car cigar lighter with the optional Go Baby Mobile mini USB car charger.

The 10000mAh Power Pack is available from http://gobabymobile.com

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