Tiani™ 2, Key to the Most Satisfying Lovemaking [18+] [HD]


Uploaded on June 13, 2012 by LELOofficial

http://www.lelo.com In this video, Feminine Wellbeing Consultant Sara Foster talks about how you can use Tiani™ 2 to boost your love life and enjoy some of the more intense shared pleasures ever. Tiani™ 2 is a unique waterproof and rechargeable massager designed to be worn by women during lovemaking, intensifying stimulation for her and for him. Here, Sara explains the features that make Tiani™ 2 so special – including its incredible SenseMotion™ movement-responsive technology.

Discover Tiani™ 2 http://www.lelo.com/index.php?collectionName=insignia-luxe&groupName=TIANI

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