El Toro Front Seat (HD POV) On-Ride Six Flags Grea [HD]


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""Ride the bull"" Check out this awesome POV of the Intamin AG woodie at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Tell me in the comments if this is your favorite wooden roller coaster.

Height: 181 ft
Drop: 176 ft
Max speed: 70 mph
Inversions: 0
Duration 1:35 min

El Toro is very different from a traditional wooden roller coaster because it is a prefabricated wooden roller coaster. This means that instead of trackers cutting, shaping, and laying down the track on site by hand, the track is laser cut in a factory. This means that the track is manufactured to a higher degree of precision than could ever be achieved by hand. The track is also made so that it snaps together like Lego pieces and is made of more layers of wood that are tightly bonded together instead of nailed together by hand like a traditional wooden roller coaster. This has three major benefits, two being to the park and the other being to the riders. The ""Plug and Play"" aspect of the coaster speeds construction of the coaster since track does not have to be completely manufactured on site. In addition, because of the speed of construction, the costs of building the coaster are lowered due to fewer manhours spent on the construction. The riders are subject to a coaster that is as smooth as steel. Roller coaster enthusiasts know that aspect takes away from the ride since it lacks the character of a traditional wooden roller coaster. Others appreciate its incredible airtime. El Toro is the first Intamin AG ""Plug and Play"" wooden roller coaster in the United States. The other three are Colossos at Heide Park in Germany, Balder at Liseberg in Sweden, and T Express at Everland in South Korea. Thanks for watching this on ride pov filmed by The Coaster Views.
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