MattyB Performs on Dr. Phil - That's The Way [HD]


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Hi B Boys and B Girls! I was recently invited to perform my single, ""That's The Way"" on the Dr. Phil Show! Dr. Phil was having a special episode on ""Talented Kids"" and was also introducing his new grandson London Phillip McGraw for the first time on TV. I thought it was really nice of him to invite me on so my mom and I flew out to LA for a few days so I could perform.

While I was there, I met some of the coolest kid dancers ever! We met up and put together a performance before the show and I was really happy they were there. After my performance, I did a short interview with Dr. Phil and then all of us kids were able to go hang out and have some fun around City Walk. I wanted to share this performance with you and let you all know that I'm grateful for all of your support. Without my B Boys and B Girls, I wouldn't be able to travel, perform or even have a career like this so thank you! All of your support means a lot to me :)
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