The Morning Stars

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Published 17 Jun 2012
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The Morning Stars ( Complete ) [2007]

Descriptions of all four sermons featured in this video:

The Mornin...
The Morning Stars ( Complete ) [2007]

Descriptions of all four sermons featured in this video:

The Morning Stars (Part #1) begins the investigation of the Bible's teachings about angels by examining the archangels Gabriel and Michael. These two extraordinary “sons of Yahweh” are present in both the Old and New Testaments establishing that neither could be mortal men. We also examine fallen angels and the mixing Nephilim whom Yahweh destroyed with flood waters.

The Morning Stars (Part #2) further explores the Host of Heaven and the concept of “Ministering spirits” further verifying them as spiritual beings. Pastor Visser proves that several anti-angel doctrines having crept into Christian Identity are “creeds of Sadducees.” Exploration into the Apocrypha's teachings about the sons of God further substantiates Cherubim are Yahweh's soldiers.

The Morning Stars (Part #3) covers the “beguilement” of Eve by Satan in the garden of Eden and the use of "worms" in Yahweh's divine Judgment. We also study several actions attributed to angels during the Apostolic Age and examine the adversarial angel that appeared to Balaam's ass. To further prove that seraphim are realistic we inspect Jesus' dealings with them during His ministry.

The Morning Stars (Part #4) closes this series about angels by investigating the annunciation of Christ to the virgin Mary made by Gabriel. We prove the rebellion of angels during the end-times war of Gog and Magog. Concluding the sequence is an examination of "dragons" in scripture, the war in heaven, the final obliteration of Satan and his children being cast into the “lake of fire.”
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