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Uploaded on June 20, 2012 by dentallasercare

EVERYBODY WAS SO NICE AND WARM!! When I came to your office for the first time I was not happy at all with my teeth. Everybody was so nice and warm. Now I have a beautiful smile and good friends.

EVERY ONE ENJOYS THEIR JOB!! I like the friendly relaxed atmosphere. The Doctor gets it right every time (the first time)! Every one enjoys their job. I just wish I found them sooner. Still, great improvement in one year. My appearance is improved and my health as well.

YOU ARE NEVER KEPT WAITING!! She has done crown work for me as well. They are very professional. When you have an appointment you are never kept waiting. She has a great staff and everyone is very accommodating.

I AM IMPRESSED WITH THE PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERTISE!! I love that everyone is friendly. I am also impressed with the professionalism and expertise.

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