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Sha Na Na was a song I originally wrote for the crowning of Miss Sheringham - Carnival Queen on the North Norfolk coast of the UK a few years ago. It was a time when I took a break from my family band the Constantia Brothers and we were all into individual projects. This song is a part of a spate of tracks I laid down during that time as a solo artist. I decided to take things a step further and prepared story boards for my songs for possible music videos.

I was approached by an excellent video production company, DJM in Norwich and the whole thing was set into motion. I had tremendous fun making the videos and working with some amazing people. In this particular song I had the privilege of appearing along side Melita Morgan. Melita has just starred in a major movie, Mister Lonely that was directed by the magical Harmony Korine. It's not surprising really, she was fantastic to work with and it was a matter of time before she hit the big screen.

Song Title - Sha Na Na

Words and Music - Andreas Yiasimi

Video directed by Andreas Yiasimi

Video produced by DJM Norwich Norfolk UK

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